Organizing has always been my passion. As a little girl, I spent countless hours organizing and re-organizing my dollhouse, bedroom, friends' was a habit I couldn't break! Getting married and adding a permanent roommate to my life challenged my organizational OCD nature, but it was a trade off I wouldn't trade for anything. Next up: motherhood! If incorporating little human roommates into your life doesn't disrupt your organizational style, rest assured nothing will. Our little darlings however, crazy loving as they are, most days exhibit pure joy terrorizing our organized home and challenging every depth of orderly style previously created. As much as I stand behind teaching our littles to pick up after themselves and value the beauty in an organized life, if I'm honest I will admit it does bring me joy to tuck them in at night then sneak around the house finding new, better ways to reinvigorate an organized elegance back into our home. 

Prior to launching CHIC Home Organizing, I spent my professional years managing Human Resources functions both with my own consulting firm, MTHR Consulting, as well as within corporate organizations in Chicago, IL. I'd moved to Chicago immediately following graduation from John Carroll University, my first big move from the great state of Ohio where I was born and raised. My husband, Sean, and I live in Plainfield, IL with our awesome little roommates, John Everett and Mary Eleanor. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13