Getting Organized, Keeping Organized, DAILY

It's done, it's finally complete...well, for now. I've organized our beloved 'stuff', and with the zillion things we have going on it's a new year, I'm a new me, and this time I'm REALLY going to stay organized. Promise. 

Sound familiar? Totally. Although I consider myself intrinsically created to be organized, even I fall victim to losing my grasp on the time spent and methods created for getting, and keeping, organized. So here are a few tips to create HABITS for DAILY organized living. Enjoy!


1.       Hone in on 'Home' habits, every day. Creating a 'home' for objects within your home is KEY to organization. This is personal, so think about your life and the flow of your most frequent daily events. Creating a 'home' for objects, AND putting objects in their 'home' every day will get-and keep-any family organized. Think about practicality: shoes worn most often should have a 'home' shelf/basket near the door, household tools used most frequently (hammer, nails, screwdriver) should have a 'home' container in the kitchen (or laundry room, or wherever makes sense for you in your home), backpacks and briefcases should have a 'home' for each family member near the door (consider hanging from a hook rail, with a peg for each family member's bag, clearly labeled per person).

2.       Pile perform, every day. It's great to have a 'home' for papers or daily items to collect in an organized fashion. However, ignoring the pile of mail, pile of laundry, or pile of 'catch all' items from pockets can add up and create clutter and problems, fast. Just as there is a breakfast/lunch/dinner time of each day, try to set aside a 'pile' time daily to breeze through a pile and address items that need attention. Laundry pile: take 5 minutes to put laundry away in the rooms/dressers/cabinets called home. School work pile: take 5 minutes to read through paper from school to check events/reminders/homework/notes and address as needed. Mail pile: take 5 minutes to sort/recycle/file unaddressed items.

3.       Pre-day prep, every day. At the end of each day, make it a habit to review the next day's calendar agenda and perform any prep items now to save time tomorrow. Need to make/pack kids' lunches? Need to restock the diaper bag to backfill any items used today? Need to walk through the house and return items to their 'home' places for easy finding tomorrow?